Man, what a year your girl has had. Ups and downs. More ups and down. Between relaunching never stops, graduating from Westfield State, interviewing for a corporate company and being one of the two candidates being seriously considered for the position, starting my new position, and celebrating my 25th birthday, I have not stopped, never will, and as Big Jay says,

I  W I L L  N O T  L O S E .

24 has been a year of sacrifice and patience. The lessons that I’ve learned throughout my Kobe year are ones that I will take with me throughout the rest of my life.

Grateful and beyond blessed.

So much love to my friends and family who have shown unconditional love and support through the good, bad, and ugly. And love to all those following my journey.

Be You. Do You. and NEVER STOP.

Yours Truly,

N E V E R  S T O P S


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Chris Herren and I at Putnam Vocational Academy //  9.25.14 #projectpurple


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Me and B at The Big E // 9.27.14 ( He clearly loves pictures.. Ha! Love you :) )

N O W  P L A Y I N G :

Style Spotlight : Inspire By Style


What can I say about my girl Altagracia aka Miss Inspire By Style. Alta and I have always had mutual friends in the past and it wasn’t until recently that we have become friends! I have been admiring her blog and Instagram for quite some time and her photos and work say a lot about her. Not only is she a mommy of two, but she also dedicates time, money, love, and effort into her passion of fashion blogging. She has even expanded her blog with more topics which she will touch on in our Q & A.

Alta’s is hardworking, dedicated, beautiful, strong, passionate, and has quite the taste level. Her photos and outfits always inspire me. Her fits are so flawless and the way she poses in her photos is so fierce. I love how she incorporates her heritage and culture but also her family into her blog. Like darcyneverstops is an extension and representation of me, Inspire By Style is definitely an extension and wonderful representation of Altagracia.

I love this chick! She is such a positive role model for daughter and her son. She is a great example of someone who is constantly following her dreams. I admire her and she has even put me on to brands I didn’t know about and looks and pieces I’d probably never consider for myself.

Much love to Alta. Continue looking at her stunning photos and read our Q & A after the jump!

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#DNSkickgameproper : Khyree

When I first thought of the Kick Game Proper idea, I knew I had to reach out to the homie Khyree. After following him on Instagram for quite some time, I was always drawn to his diverse collection and how he put his outfits together. He’s always had an effortless swag, where he lets his kicks do the talking. Without further a do, I present to you Khryee.

image (4)

 Photo Credit // Asia Dunn (IG: @conundrum_dunn)


image (3)


DNS : When did you get into the sneaker game?

K : I’ll put it like this, the shoe that got me interested in sneakers was the Air Jordan X ‘Powder Blue,’ back in like 3rd grade. I officially started collecting in 10th grade. The pair that started my collection was the Nike Dunk High Navy/White.

DNSHow big is your collection?

K : Just about 40 pairs. It’s dropped a lot over the years. Had to let a lot go. Anyone who collects knows how that goes.

DNS : What are some of the pairs that you consider ‘grails’ in your collection?

K : The 2004 Air Jordan Retro XII Black/Red. The leather is so…butter, and the Nike Dunk High “Cassette Tape” because everyone asks what the they are and where I got them when I sport them.

DNSAre you a specific sneakerhead?

K : No, my stock is very eclectic. I’m a Jordan head first, but my collection ranges from Dunks & Blazers to Jordan’s and Max’s with some ACG’s and Trainers thrown in. I love all styles equally, plus you can’t wear J’s with everything.

DNS : What’s the furthest length you’ve gone to get a pair you’ve wanted?

K : I’ve never really gone to get a pair I’ve wanted…yet. But, I have been caught in a wild situation before. I went out on Black Friday with some friends and the plan was to cap off the night by copping the French Blue XIII’s. On the way home from the Wrentham Outlets, we ran out of gas and the car battery died. All bad. After we got gas, it took 6 attempts to find someone to give us a jump. To make matters worse, one of my homies had his pair on already. Luckily we made it back in time to get in line, otherwise I would have been the asshole that let the team down.

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Make sure to follow Khyree on Twitter and Instagram!

T: @SolePro23

IG: @solepro23

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